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We are currently recruiting for our end game raiding team.We also welcome social members and pvp'ers. Talk to any Guardian in game for an invite. :-)

Welcome to the Dalaran Fighters!

Welcome to The Dalaran fighters!
A place where Friends and Family meet up for some good fun, lvl'ing and exploring WoW.

Lets Kill Some Horde!


Anachronos (Eu)

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Want to register as youre Guild character? Join us today with a Gmail account.

Ishidosan, Aug 31, 12 5:04 PM.
You can easily make a gmail account, for free, for gaming and Guild use purposes. Gmail is one of the largest and secure world wide web based applications, like search engine,, calender and the latest addition google + with many futures, albums among others.

Make a gmail with youre main char; and join our web page today for in game info, profession help, class specialization info and much more :-)

Guild has turned lvl 25 :-)

Dfighter, Mar 17, 12 3:29 AM.
Guild is atm reorganizing and more info is to come. :-) We are also recruiting for our end game raid team. Talk too any Guardiens if you have further questions ore an invite request.
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